Say see-ya to your ex

Ps. friendly reminder your ex is an ex for a reason. So, before you sleep at night remember you're not Adele. You do not need to wish the best for them, nor do you want to find someone like them. 

Dinner Dates

So, you’ve been invited out to dinner and you’re so excited because you’ve been craving that juicy burger since lunch… oh wait, it’s a date so you can’t possibly eat a burger? 

Netflix & Chill

So, you’ve been invited over to their place for the first time to watch ‘a movie’, or for ‘coffee’, whatever you kids call it these days.

You're on Tinder

So, you are experiencing the power of online dating. What a life we lead… where you wake up, check your Facebook feed and swipe left or right (mostly left) to find a boyfriend, or sex, or who even knows what people are finding.